The projects we take on are typically highly complex and requires a multitude of skills to be resolved. Many of the required skills are often available within our client organization – thus we build project teams to resolve the problem dominated by client staff but with a TimeZone representative – for the structuring of the work, for external input, for that extra drive – all depending on the specific needs.

The way we work means there is no us and them – only us. At the end of the assignment we have a solution which is owned by the organization – a key prerequisite for high impact changes.

Assignments the last few years include:

  • Evaluation of a major R&D organization – structure and performance of the organization
  • Corporate make/buy strategy for a global Swedish corporation
  • Strategy within the telecom segment for a telecom equipment sub-supplier
  • Strategy within electromobility
  • Formulation of a corporate growth strategy for a mid-size industrial supplier (a multi-year assignment)
  • Formulation and initiation of a very large R&D assignment
  • Various R&D governance assignments – including in-depth architectural strategies
  • IT strategy and organization within the Telecom segment
  • Telecom operator strategy